Nick nack paddy wack
give a dog a bone.

Seems like a lot of agencies out there have lost it. Or maybe they never had it. More interested in winning awards than creating relevant communication for their clients. I’ve never met an advertiser who didn’t think that relevance is essential in their line of work. For most of us it’s a no brainer. Yet most marketing campaigns still feels irrelevant and unengaging. What happened on the way? Are these advertisers just giving lip service to the idea of relevance because it’s fashionable? I really hope not. I believe they sincerely want relevance. So it’s my and The DPLA-family’s absolute duty making sure that none of our clients falls down that stinky hole.

We’re no trendseekers. We don´t wanna go down that road. It’s way to narrow and with a way too short burn time. It will just make us focus on irrelevant things. This trend, that trend or any other trend coming tomorrow? Answering that question has nothing to do with what makes your brand successful. Anyone can buy a “label maker” and tag on the trend of today, but that’s not something we do or believe in. You don’t need someone that´s on a crusade for trends trying to help your brand to be successful. What you need is someone who´s on a crusade of creating relevant communication and have the skills you need to separate relevance from lame hot air.

Ok, trends might be cool, being real is probably even cooler and sure, a label maker can be handy at times, but again it has nothing to do with building a successful brand. Maybe someone, someday, will prove me wrong. Until then we will do everything we can to shake this shit around, just being real. So, if you have huevos enough, give us a call. We love talking!

Christian Gröning,