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Working with trend analysis through a range of tools and techniques, we provide tailored insights of your core target group, their behavior and needs of tomorrow.

It is very simple. If you want to succeed, you have to foresee and own the future, and that is exactly what we do for our clients. By constantly monitoring what is going on around the world, we can identify significant trends and disturbances, regardless of sector and market. Then we combine data, interviews and insights to give you tools and guidelines so that you can comprehend, and stay competitive in, the evermore-complex commercial environment.

Some Cases.

Our declaration
of independence.

The DePalma Company was founded in 1972 in Southern California. The product was strictly tailored Workwear for Mechanics and Gearheads. Back in 2001 Kristoffer Sundlin and Peter Camarstrand took over the entire brand and for the coming 12 years built a strong apparel company with global distribution – for the committed.

During the years we worked actively with mechanisms like brand loyalty and awareness – the most important factors to create long-term sales. This led us to cases where we helped other brands and organizations.

In 2013 the business idea grew into a Creative Hybrid Agency – DPLA. So, we didn’t start an Advertising Agency – we evolved into one. That’s why we are not, in a sense, your average “Ad men”.

With a focus on creating online, offline and physical experiences – we do everything from commercials, podcasts, concept development and campaigns to overall strategic change.

We have a passion for ideas that’ll hit you in the crotch and always strive to do things differently. We will protect your brand as well as evolve it. To us it’s not business. It’s serious monkey business.

Join our dysfunctional open minded family. We are always looking for creative talent. Or extremely structured ones. Or why not both?

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Field of Expertise.


Digits and charts. Pre-studies and analysis. Consumer behaviors and social compass. This is the foundation for everything we do. And we love to know exactly what to do.


This is the main course on our menu. And we love it! Graphics, logos, ad’s, build brands, guerilla campaigns. You name it. This is the creative part. This is the place where we stand out.

Film & Podcast

Popcorn anyone? This is our “turn down the light and get comfy” department. Commercials or web-TV. We do it all. On top of that we have our own inhouse Pod Studio to fill our client needs.


Ok, this is techy stuff. But bear with us. We do Webdesign, eCom, Social, UX, retargeting, dynamic content, analytics, apps, campaign sites and much, much more. We know both the lingo – and the craft.

Special ops

Have an unusual request? An apparel line? A concept vehicle? A bronze statue or maybe a new hotel- or restaurant interior? We do it all. With our hands and with our heads.

Our Hybrid Engine.

No matter the task ahead we always approach it with the same well proven method. We split the process up in four parts – cylinders if you like. These four blocks bring start and closure to each project and give us a clear path to explore.

We wish we had a helicopter…but we don’t, yet. But what we do have is an imaginary one that allows us to get an unique overview perspective on your business. This is the main key for us to assess what’s your company DNA, what world you operate in and who you should talk to. In short: To know where to go we have to know where we are. This is the foundation for what’s to come.

Then we dig down into the strategy to pave the way for the best solutions. In this stage we find out where you are going. Which way you should go, and of course, how to get you there in the fastest and the most efficient way.

The world goes round and round. And so does the creative process at DPLA. Everything we do goes through an iterative cycle. And if we fail (not that it happens very often), we don’t get bitter. We get better! Every single time.

With expertise ranging from nitty gritty work doing UX or being senseis in the A B C:s, we always push ourselves and the creative process forward to find the absolute best solutions.

It’s hard to drive a car without a rearview mirror. We always look back closely on what’s been done. Trying to find ways to do it better, differently or simply tweak the things that really worked out. This part allows us to look at hard numbers, metrics if you will, measuring the effect the communication had in a specific area, clientele or branch.

Don’t fix what’s not broken, but do it even better. That’s one of our mottos.

Yup, we’ve already been through this, but it bears repeating: We live in a world where the only thing permanent is change. With that said we are never scared to re-new ourselves, our ideas or our work. If change will benefit our client we won’t back down from the task to re-invent ourselves.

We do not push out the same mediocre work over and over again, as most of our peers. We are in a constant process to get better. For our own amusement, for the benefit of our clients and for a better tomorrow for us all.

The Family.

Kristoffer Sundlin

CEO / Creative Director
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Peter Camarstrand

Creative Planner
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Nima Pirzadeh

Digital Director
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Robin Cedvin

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Erik Berglund

+46 70 21 21 915

Pontus Lindström

+46 709 625 830

Mårten Jeppson

+46 70 450 20 33

Moa Sarstedt

Project Manager
+46 709 30 94 84

Mira Sundlin

+46 70-754 70 64​

Maria Bernadotte

Junior Planner
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Erik Laurent

Key Account
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Money Hayashida

Key Account
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